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Sacha Inchi

It favors the reduction of triglycerides in blood. It controls and reduces accumulated cholesterol, reducing the possibility of heart diseases.  It reduces the blood vessels inflammation. Additionally, it is a phenomenal functional food that stimulates the strengthening of the defense system, favors the best functioning of the digestive system, and strengthens bones and the bone system in general.


Main Properties: Maca is a diet supplement with energy and anti-stress properties, regulates the symptoms of menstruation, menopause, osteoporosis, and is a sexual bracing product, revitalizing tonic (for elder people) and brain tonic.

Purple Corn
Properties: In general, anthocyanins have natural antioxidant activity. They are highly capable of eliminating the free radicals with damaging oxidative effects.



Septiembre 27, 2013

    Maca Benefits

    Maca has a higher calcium concentration than any other plant. Therefore, it is a potent restorative tonic for anemic persons ...
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