Septiembre 27, 2013

    Maca Benefits

    Maca has a higher calcium concentration than any other plant. Therefore, it is a potent restorative tonic for anemic persons ...
    Octubre 18, 2013

      Cat’s Claw Benefits

      The cat’s claw has antioxidant properties and protects the DNA against damage. It acts by inhibiting the oxidative free ...
      Octubre 24, 2013

        Sacha Inchi Benefits

        The proper consumption of Omega-3 helps to improve the brain irrigation, the memory, the nervous system functioning, and the ...
        Octubre 24, 2013

          Purple Corn Benefits

          The anthocyanins present in Purple Corn may stimulate the generation of connective tissue and promote the collagen formation. ...
          Octubre 24, 2013

            Lúcuma Benefits

            According to the Andean mythology, its name comes from an arrogant, haughty, beautiful and not so patient woman. Lúcuma is ...
            Octubre 24, 2013

              Yacón Benefits

              One of the main medicinal properties of Yacón is that helps to reduce the levels of glucose in the blood. Therefore, it is ...
              Octubre 24, 2013

                Camucamu Benefits

                As this fruit is a semi-aquatic specie, it can stay 7 months under water in large periods of floods at a temperature of 20-30 ...